Qaraoun Sewerage Treatment Plant, Lebanon
Client Name: USAID
Capacity: 5,000 m3/day
System: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant capacity is 5,000 m3/day designed for high-efficiency treatment and low power consumption. It incorporates a fixed growth bioreactor process utilizing trickling filters. The plant consists of pumping stations, primary treatment, primary clarifiers, trickling filter bioreactors, secondary clarifiers and anaerobic sludge processing facilities.

Qaraoun is a Lebanese village, 85 km from Beirut, and known for its Lake Qaraoun in the Beqaa Valley formed by the El Wauroun Dam that was built in 1959. It is an ecologically fragile zone in the Rashaya District south of the Beqaa Governorate. The village lies about 2600 feet above sea level.