Water plays a vital role in various stages of oil & gas exploration and production. Notably, the disinfection and filtration treatment of related process water, feed water and wastewater is required before the water can be reused or discharged safely.


Due to the complex nature of oil & gas exploration and production operations and the industry’s strict water discharge limitations, the water and wastewater treatment solutions required by this industry are unique and highly intricate. For over 30 years, EMCO has played a key role in fulfilling the water and wastewater treatment requirements of many offshore and onshore installations. Along with its respected reputation in this field, EMCO has priceless experience in treating well water, river water, seawater and produced water to be used in upstream injection or reinjection processes and in wastewater treatment and reuse in downstream processes.

EMCO built a 12000 m3/day Reverese Osmosis system for Daura Refinery in Iraq according to the latest and most stringent oil industry standards within a very short timeframe. Treated water will be reused in the process to...
EMCO has successfully completed the commissioning of one of the most sophisticated...