Whether it is a new plant or an upgrade of an existing facility either to meet higher discharge standards or to overcome an odor control problem, EMCO provides the right scalable solutions that solve the challenges of plant expansion, effluent quality and odor issues, while adhering to strict municipal and environmental guidelines. 

EMCO, with its innovative wastewater treatment solutions, helps to protect water resources, improve overall quality of life and fuel economic development. We assist public authorities in providing basic sanitation systems that operate with minimum environmental impact.  
A typical wastewater treatment process involves three key steps:

  • Collection- using a network of pipes, manholes and lifting stations to transport sewage to the treatment facilities.
  • Treatment- using different technologies like extended aeration, fixed bed bioreactors and membrane bioreactors, depending on the required quality of TSE (Treated Sewage Effluent).
  • Discharge into the environment- transferring treated water into the environment whether for irrigation, filling aquifers, return to a marine environment, or use in industrial processes.

EMCO has built and supplied hundreds of wastewater treatment plants to treat municipal sewage, as well as industrial waste. In many cases, the water is treated to a potable water quality level for reuse in the process or supplied for irrigation. These treatment processes not only keep the environment clean, but also reduce strain on fresh water resources.

EMCO has helped industries like Oil & Gas, Textile, Tanneries, Food Processing, Metal Foundries and many others to reclaim their wastewater to reuse it in the process again hence reducing potable water consumption....
The scope of this industrial wastewater treatment project was to treat the 250 m3/day...